Thursday 29 November 2007

Runnin' numbers too

After turning on some analysis-type-stat-counter-thingy a while back, this seems like a good opportunity to root through some logs for a bit of crazy statistical hit-counting fun.

World of Warcraft demonstrates its crushing dominance in the most popular post charts; leading the way is The Draenei with no name, almost exclusively from people searching Google for "Draenei name" (and probably going away disappointed; maybe I should append a list of suggested Draenei names to the end of it, starting with "Neville", "Geoff" and "Steve"), and hot on its heels is The Pickup Tourist's Guide to Arathi Basin, mostly coming from Scoot's blog, where people presumably land after searching for an Arathi basin strategy guide. I hope a couple of people have taken away the idea of defending nodes with them, or failing that at least put on a decent interpretive dance version of The Brothers Karamazov. Rounding out the top three, a fair way behind, it's Are You Ready For That Terrible Swift Sword?, which people usually stumble across when searching for one of the specific swords named therein (either "people", or one particular person with terrible memory who keeps landing on that post).

Enough of the dull stuff, though, onto that perennial blog-o-favourite: responding to some of the keyword searches that somehow landed up here.

"captain zep theme tune"
Captain Zep, Captain Zep! (ooo eeee ooo)
Super space detective!
Captain Zep, Captain Zep! (ooo eeee ooo)
Super space detective!

There's something about tyrants falling as well, but basically he's Captain Zep, and he's a super space detective.

blackheart the inciter benny hill music
No, no, no, Ambassador Hellmaw plays the Benny Hill music when he fears you. Actually, come to think of it, Blackheart the Inciter should play it too. Note to Blizzard: just play Yakkety Sax constantly in the Shadow Labyrinth.

blackheart the inciter worst boss ever
Only if you're not playing the Benny Hill music

da na na na na na na na na big chubby checker
That's not Chubby Checker, that's I'm In The Mood For Dancing by the Nolan Sisters!

nolan sisters blogspot
See, told you so! (If that was someone looking for the official blog of the Nolan Sisters, I'm afraid you got to the wrong place.)

daaaaaaaamn graphics
Dammit twice round the car park and back in for a chaser of hellblast, Peter, what's wrong with the graphics? I'll wager Marjorie is behind it somehow...

hat fetish
It's a fair cop, guv.

hey how u get duel blade city of heroes
Hey! yourself, not nearly enough people take the time to greet Google as they search. Dual Blades are a new powerset in Issue 11, so get rolling a new character to make use of them.

how sweet would it be to be an idiot

i like the look of vindicator's brand
Really? It's a bit purple for me...

mmmmmmf pic
Stop mumbling, I can't make out a word you're saying.

Ha! Ho!

stepmania duck billed platypus download
I'm not entirely sure you can download a duck billed platypus, and if you do manage it I really don't think it's going to be very good at Stepmania...

wow alliance suck incompetent afk
Good day in the battlegrounds there?

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