Thursday 15 November 2007

All along this countryside, he opened a many a door

I've been playing Portal in 15 minute chunks every few days, so I s'pose I should've finished after 1.2 sessions, but I just completed it last night, and am therefore now singing that song, which really is superb.

I did have to resort to spoilers once near the end (I was convinced four hydraulic platforms, with one at a slightly different height, were vital to progression somehow when they turned out to be entirely superfluous), but other than that the puzzles continued to be nicely balanced.

The only mystery I'm left with is... what's the the companion cube-mania? Having seen the carved pumpkins, full size costumes, plush toys, freezers etc., I thought at some point there'd be an amazing, cube-defining moment in the game but... erm... no. It's just a box. Isn't it?


mbp said...

You cruel, heartless, self-centred beast. Have you no feelings? Have you no humanity? Did did you not bond all with the trusting companion who stuck by you through hyper-dimensional escapades - always compliant, always helpful?

Me....I chucked it into the incinerator without a second thought!

Zoso said...

Yup, Melmoth too. Hrm. Maybe we're all sociopaths...

Melmoth said...

The cube was asking for it! Always mocking me behind my back, belittling my achievements, just like mother used to before she locked me in the cupboard under the stairs. No! No mother, I’ll be good this time!