Wednesday 17 October 2007

The sound of the keys as they clink

Back in the world of hand-held gadgets, Nokia announced the N810, and it's looking really rather nifty. All the WiFi/Bluetooth/open source goodness of the N800 in a more compact (and better looking) package, with added sliding keyboard and GPS. The N810's single miniSD slot is a slight step back from the N800s two regular SD slots (I've got a bunch of regular SD cards kicking around already), but not the end of the world.

Course, just to keep life complicated, Steve Jobs also announced an iPhone/iPod Touch SDK, so they can finally get proper 3rd party applications without going through the "jailbreak" rigmarole. That's not coming until February 2008, though; maybe the next generation or two of Apple tablets will finally nail my perfect hand-held.

In the meantime, about the only potential sticking point left for the N810 is the price. The N800 managed to turn a US price of $380 to nearly £300; the N810's been announced at $480, heaven knows what that'll work out to in the UK. Under £300 I'll go for it, more than £350 is pushing it, between the two... Well, let's see...

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