Tuesday 16 January 2007

The Dark Portal is...

... down for maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and would like to reassure you that hordes of slavering demons will be sent forth at the first possible opportunity. The invasion of your lands and subjugation of its people into our demonic kingdom remains our highest priority. Thank you for your patience.

Actually, I've no idea on the status of the portal, or indeed the servers, at the moment. I was half tempted to stay up 'til midnight, but they don't seem to like it at work when I doze off during meetings. Come to think of it, dozing off during meetings is an occupational hazard regardless of how much sleep I've had, but never mind.

My copy of The Burning Crusade turned up in the post yesterday, so I've at least got everything installed and ready, but if the servers are as stable as they were after the 2.00 patch I'm not really banking on getting much done in the next few days.

I'm rather hoping everyone who was taking part in a certain other stress test will be off to the Outlands, so I might get a little bit further than the server selection screen in that...


Anonymous said...

Bladefist(EU)was surprisingly problem free when TBC went live at midnight. There was the biggest pile of bones and corpses I've ever seen outside the dark portal, but it's expected on a PvP server.
A nice message popped up to inform everyone that they would need to login again at midnight for the changes to take effect, but the anticipated server meltdown didn't happen.
Time will tell I suppose. Probably wasn't that many people rushing in to Outland at that time of night.
Who knows... may be Blizzard are going to surprise us all and things will run smoothly (yeah, right!)

Craig said...

Emerald Dream (EU) was similarly problem free. The gather in front of the portal was fun and had lots of banter, mood was good. Got kicked off just before midnight, logged back in nice and easy and hey presto, one draenei shammy quickly rolled and then on with levelling my druid.

Forgot how much I enjoyed levelling, questing, killing X foozles, take [magical random thingummy] to bob down the road. In terms of new experiences bombing the scourge from an armoured gryphon is just superb.

Melmoth said...

You'll be pleased to hear that our server is up and running fine, Zos.

I'm stuck on the character selection screen though; it has nothing to do with Blood Elf females.

No. Not at all.

Maybe a little

Unknown said...

Even Earthern Ring managed mostly alright!
It did kick everyone off twice, just before midnight, but came straight back up again.

Just a little sad that nothing actually happened in game at midnight...