Sunday 4 December 2016

Gaming with Mini-M

Went out for a walk with Mini-M to hunt for Pokemon last night. At one point we were deep in conversation and I wasn’t looking where I was going and walked into a low hanging leaves from a tree.

“Ack, I’m being attacked by a tree” I said as I flailed about.
“Roll for initiative!” Mini-M said, without breaking a beat.

The Sunday Morning Adventure Club were in a Fractal in Guild Wars 2 and I was talking Zoso through the boss fight.

“So the boss is now invulnerable and we need to take down the three golemns that have spawned, then back to the boss, then two more will spawn on…”
“Hey, look, there’s a temple or something down there!” Mini-M said, somewhat distracted over on a different section of the platform.
“OK, that’s great, we’ll have a look after the fight, could you just come back and attack…”
Too late. Mini-M was already in mid-leap with a cry of “I regret nothiiiiiiiing!”

Me: “Mini-M, be careful not to catch your mic or we all get the crackling on voice comms”
*tap tap tap tap tap*
Me: “Mini-M…”
*tap tap tap tap tap*
Mini-M: “I’m build up daddy’s Enrage bar…”

Starting a Fractal, the team are trying to remember what the encounters involve…

“Is this the one with the plants and the beam?”
“No, I think it’s jumping between platforms…”

Mini-M explains which dungeons those two actually are, and which boss we’ll actually face in this one.

“Just wait ’til you’re our age, Mini-M, you’ll have as much trouble remembering.”
“I don’t want the Old Person debuff. The older you get, the more debuffing it does.”

“Daddy, what’s ‘run away’ in Latin?”
“Um. I don’t know. Let’s see… the internet suggests ‘Effugitus’. Why do you need to know?”
“Oh, just updating the guild motto…”

It turns out you can multitask in this game, I was browsing new gliders in that boss fight.

I’m not being contrary, I’m just disagreeing with you.

Bad guys on my tail in both senses, because I’m transformed into a Charr so I actually have a tail, though they’re both spelt the same way and… LOOK THEY’RE CHASING ME OK!

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