Monday 2 January 2012

And all for love, and nothing for reward.

I recently completed the story arc for my Bounty Hunter on the planet of Balmorra, wherein I’d single handedly overthrown a rebellion by fighting my way through countless resistance minions, performing various acts of Empire sponsored counter-insurgency, and battling through a heavily guarded fortress complex to finally reach their leader. Not only that, but I’d managed to coerce this veteran –in exchange for his life– into revealing on a public broadcast that his group were being clandestinely sponsored by none other than, dun dun dun, The Republic!

As a result of this I’d paved the way for the reinstatement of a new Sith governess of the planet, an evil heartless witch by the name of Darth Lachris, and, if reports were to be believed, I’d shifted the balance of power not just on Balmorra but across the entire galactic sector. As the shock wave of news swept through the Senate regarding the Republic being caught –pants down– thoroughly abusing the Peace Treaty pie, my character received a grateful intergalactic mail message from the new malevolent ruler of Balmorra. In it she praised my character for her efforts – for single handedly changing the political balance across the galaxy in favour of the Empire, and in light of such, the governess went on to say, she had attached a bonus payment from the Empire to show its gratitude.

Two hundred WHOLE credits. Enough to buy one, maybe even two, basic medikits! One twentieth of a single skill training upgrade at my character’s current level. Two hundredth the cost of learning to ride a speeder bike.

Although it’s already been noted that SWTOR’s conversation wheel is somewhat lacking in appropriate MMO options, I’d also like to point out the similar lack of provision for returning quest reward mail to its sender, along with a suitable response.

Such as two primed thermal detonators, painted to look like testicles.

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