Saturday 22 September 2007

Saturday Night Fry

Neil Gaiman's journal had a link, saying Stephen Fry had started blogging, about smartphones no less. I idolise Stephen Fry as far as is permitted under law, and coupled with my interest in the iPhone/iPod Touch (Fry is a huge Apple devotee), I hastened off to follow the link. Unfortunately it seems the rest of the internet had a similar idea, and his site was slashdotted (despite not actually being linked from /. so far as I can make out). Popping the blog link into Google Reader, though, picks up the article from the feed, so I've just finished reading it.

Despite his well-known love of all things Apple, removing the possibility of being an "amusing and eccentric" technophobe, I still wasn't prepared for his almost terrifying appreciation of handheld technology. It's a wonderful read.

There's a particular inverted snobbery towards Apple products in some places, "lolol what loser would buy an iPod Touch when u can get a 8gb mp3 player for fifty quid", and there's a paragraph in there, "Design matters", that explains precisely why, and to make some vague pretence of relevance to this blog's nominal subject it could be applied to GUIs everywhere, in games as in smartphones.

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