Friday 18 May 2007

Yea! Heavy and a bottle of bread

Captain Zoso (similar to Captain Zep, only with less space detecting and more poking boars with a halberd) hit level 20 last night, so off I wandered to my Captain trainer. I'm getting a bit suspicious of the trainers in Lord of the Rings Online, they seem to have an uncanny knack of leaving me totally broke every two levels...
"Hello! I have just made level 20, can you train me?"
"Sure! How much money have you got?"
"How much money?"
"Um... well, I've been carefully hoarding my wealth, so I have about 200 silver"
"Right... well, let's see... by a funny coincidence, I can completely train you up with a resurrection skill, the ability to wear heavy armour, and a few other bits for... 200 silver!"
"Oh. Well... actually, I only have 187 silver 12 copper after all"
"That's all right, I'll wait here while you go off and sell all your worldly possessions to that vendor there"

Still, being able to wear heavy armour is nice, if for nothing else than a bit of a change in appearance. So far most of the medium armour I've been wearing has been pretty bland, a nondescript leather shirt and trousers. There are a few nicer pieces, mostly the Elven items, but hats have been a great disappointment (for someone with a hat fetish, at least). My hopes were initially raised by the frankly magnificent musketeer-style broad brimmed hat, complete with feather plume, my Elven archer had, but other than that helmets are distinctly towards the "functional" end of the spectrum with a distinct iron-pot-on-the-head influence, while non-metallic headgear manages to span assorted comedy fancy dress genres like "the Robin Hood hat" and "the pointy wizard hat". Heavy helms aren't much better, but at least the armour is a bit more chunky and metallic. Not that I actually own any, mind you, this is just from using the "what would this look like?" feature while forlornly browsing the auction house to see if I can pick anything up with the four silver thirty eight copper I have left after the class training...


Anonymous said...

My god...I thought I'd dreamt Captain Zep! Thank you so much! All these years, and I was sane afterall!

Zoso said...

Huzzah! For years I thought I'd hallucinated The Adventure Game, particularly the talking aspidistra and people throwing cheese rolls into a space vortex, until I saw it again on an obscure satellite TV channel... For some reason, though, the Captain Zep theme tune is indelibly printed on my brain... Captain Zep! Captain Zep! Super space detective...