Sunday 31 December 2006

Pickup Premades

It's bonus honour weekend in Warsong Gulch, so I've been playing there more than usual thanks to the shorter queues, and the fact that you still get a bit of honour if you're trounced 3-0 in five minutes flat. It also makes it a bit easier to get into a "pickup premade": a premade, in the sense that ten of you get together from the same server and enter the battleground together (well, six or seven maybe get into the battleground itself, while one gets disconnected, one gets called into a raid, and the other goes AFK for no reason), but still ten strangers of random classes. This allows a modicum of tactical planning (defence, midfield and attack groups), enough to beat most pickup opponents at least.

The honour is ticking over quite nicely; with The Burning Crusade out soon, I don't think I'll go for an epic weapon which could be obsolete within a couple of levels. I'm not sure whether to upgrade a few bits of armour, or save up for the expansion. Probably a bit of both. I'm half tempted to pick up a couple of the Warsong/Alterac dagger rewards, and change spec (I'm currently running a more PvE-ish sword spec), but apathy will probably rule and I'll stay as I am for levelling to 70. I'm starting to really dislike Mages, though; if the vast majority of my health bar suddenly vanishes, a quick look at the combat log usually reveals 2000+ points of fiery death from a single hit.

I'm enjoying Medieval II: Total War as well, it's a nice change after a couple of fairly solid weeks in battlegrounds, and it's especially handy when my internet connection plays up. The pope is threatening to excommunicate me unless I cease hostilities with France, but they attacked me first for heaven's sake! Ah well, give it a couple of hundred years, I'll issue an Act of Supremacy and make myself head of the Church...

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