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Thought for the day.

Zoso pointed out to me today that Guitar Hero World Tour is having some new bands added to its downloadable content in the near future, including none other than those legends of British rock, Queen.

Of course, initial excitement somewhat fizzles away when you look at the list of tracks being released: Fat Bottomed Girls is fair enough, but We Are the Champions? C-whatthebloodyhell-lebrity? Where’s One Vision, Flash Gordon or Bohemian Rhapsody? How about, oh, We Will Rock You? I mean, the clue is in the song title.

I don’t know; for me these band games are like hiring a prostitute, only to find out when they turn up that they’re an inflatable doll; I mean, it’s sex, but you can’t help but think of all the myriad better experiences that you’re missing out on.

Fretting about a song.

You know that you’ve been playing a game too much, and that there’s cause for concern, when you start basing your enjoyment of a new song played on your iPod by whether, for example, the solo would be too tricky for you to perform when combined with that awkward to reach orange button.

In unrelated news, Audioslave’s Your Time Has Come was just piped into my head hole.