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(The Incredible) Hulk Song

My iPod just shuffled around to a track I thought a few comic fans might enjoy: When Bears Attack – (The Incredible) Hulk Song. When Bears Attack were recommended by an old colleague who had a sibling in the band (or a sibling who knew someone in the band, or a sibling who knew someone who liked the band, or a sibling who knew someone who liked someone who’d once seen one of the band’s CDs and thought the artwork quite interesting but not actually got around to buying it, I forget the precise details). I’ve had one of their EPs kicking around my MP3 collection for a while featuring The Hulk Song and the very-prescient-in-the-current-financial-climate TSB (The Mark of the Beast), but prompted by the terrifying screams of the Hulk I wandered off to Google where, in a bad news/good news scenario, their website revealed that they’ve called it a day, but there are lots of songs available, so I’m off to check out the rest of their stuff.