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Ceci n’est pas une review.

In Final Fantasy XIV’s character creator, changing the face option on a female Hyur also changes her breast size.

Playing about in mild bemusement with this feature for a minute or so was possibly the most enjoyable part of my first two hours in the game.

Conclusions regarding the game or my state of mind are left as an exercise for the reader.

Originality is the art of concealing your sources.

Since the Hype Machine for FFXIV seems to have shunted the press-mania cog onto the main drive axle and engaged speculation overdrive, I thought I’d try to help out Square Enix by coming up with a few bold and vibrant new marketing taglines:

Square Enix’s FFXIV: Innovation and originality are our greatest strengths.

Square Enix’s FFXIV: Random battles and grind: we know how to MMO!

Square Enix’s FFXIV: You thought 18 hour boss battles were tough? This time it will take that long just to get through the introductory battle sequence and music!

Square Enix’s FFXIV: Cat girls, bulky meat-heads, androgynous lead characters and cutesy fur-balls, since 1987; so much so that we’re just renaming the cat girls, bulky meat-heads, androgynous lead characters and cutesy fur-balls from Final Fantasy XI!

Square Enix’s FFXIV: No really, we can innovate! Just consider the last thirteen games as practise. The originality is coming. Real soon now. Just as soon as we’ve copied and pasted everything from the last game.

Square Enix’s FFXIV: Ok, ok, but we do tell a mean story. And as we all know, MMOs and storylines go together like moogles and mouse traps.

Square Enix’s FFXIV: Admittedly not many people can understand our stories unless under the influence of psychotropic substances and witnessing the whole event through a kaleidoscope.

Square Enix’s FFXIV: And look: you level up your weapons now! Not only will your character look like everyone else, but they won’t even develop in a different direction! No individuality at all!

Square Enix’s FFXIV: In fact, we’re removing races and sexes too, the only option will be the blond-haired androgynous humanhyuran.

Square Enix’s FFXIV: Nothing will stop this perfect MMO master race from crushing and looting all life on Vana’diel Vana’diel 2 Not Vana’diel Eorzea (which is definitely not Vana’diel. No). Sieg Heil!

Square Enix’s FFXIV: Hey, at least you know it’ll look pretty.

Still no news back from their marketing department; I imagine they’re having trouble choosing just the one.