Silent Storm Sale

If anyone, perhaps inspired by XCom, fancies a bit more turn-based action, have a weekend sale on strategy & wargames. My pick of the bunch would be S2: Silent Storm Gold Edition, a World War II(ish) game without the strategic layer of XCom but with lashings of turn-based fun. There’s also the even more XCom-y UFO games, IL-2 Sturmovik for flight simmery and a few others.

1 thought on “Silent Storm Sale

  1. Gank

    I agree that Silent Storm is very good but buyer be warned: there is a lot of waiting around during the enemy/allied turn phase. We’ve discussed this before, I know, but it is, for me, a game-breaker. I’m just too darned impatient!

    Fantasy Wars looks pretty interesting in that sale as well. Anyone out there played it before?

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