Holiday quest complete.

Achievement unlocked! 10 – Summer holiday!

Achievement unlocked! 50 – Negotiated the British public transport system!

Achievement unlocked! 75 – Survived fresh air, sunshine and exercise!

You have gained an interesting amount of experience.

You are exhausted and must rest before undertaking another holiday quest.

You have been granted the Sore Feet feat.

You have been awarded the title The Trampled.

You have been awarded the title Lord of Shoulder Rides.

You are now hunchbacked.

Unlocked the Slightly Less Ghostly White skin colour in the character creator.

Your reputation with the Wife faction has increased by 50 points. You are now Friendly with the Wife faction.

Your reputation with the Daughter faction has increased by 100 points. You are now Popular with the Daughter faction.

Your proficiency in dual-wielding backpacks has increased.

You have been granted the Proffer Tickets Using Only Your Teeth feat.

Your resistance to overcrowded tourist traps has improved.

Your resistance to overeating junk food has weakened.

You have seven bizarre souvenirs to place in your player house.

Your bank account contains twelve copper pieces.

3 thoughts on “Holiday quest complete.

  1. welshtroll

    Choose your reward from one of the following rewards:
    1) Well rested buff (lasts until work starts)
    2) T-shirt that reads “I enjoyed Summer 2012” *

    *Maybe in direct conflict with LOCOG guidelines on advertising, best not to wear it to the games.

  2. Tremayne

    Pity those of us stuck in the London Olympic Games dynamic event, which is indeed a zergfest with no sign of any tanks or healers to keep us alive during the public transport encounters…

  3. Melmoth Post author

    @welshtroll: Dang, and I was hoping for a QL10 Assault Rifle!

    @Tremayne: Ooof, even a week before the Games were due to begin, there was a clear and present zerg building-up. It wasn’t far off being a random zone from The Secret World, now that I think about it.

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