Intuition is the clear conception of the whole at once.

The Secret World is a deeply splendid game which brings with it some intriguing game-play elements, but it also remains a little bit buggy in places, as is the Funcom way. Certain quests are particularly susceptible to bugging-out, quite often when more than one player is trying to activate a step or solve a problem at the same time.

Investigation quests are one of the more interesting elements of the game, requiring players to use lateral thinking and powers of deduction to solve a chain of clues and riddles in order to resolve a mystery. Some of the answers to this particular type of quest are really quite obscure, and often require a significant leap of intuition on the part of the player.

But the really fun part comes when, after hours of increasingly more ludicrous attempts at solving the problem, with one’s character hanging upside down from a street lamp by one leg, with underpants on its head, candles in its ears, and its naked body covered in marmalade, one gives up in frustration and looks up the solution online, only to find that the quest is bugged and that the correct solution was, indeed, to simply put the key in the lock.

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  1. Melmoth Post author

    Thankfully their GMs are fairly swift with responding to petitions, so of the broken quests I haven’t been able to sort out myself, they’ve fixed it by the time I’ve next logged back on.

    Off the top of my head: Men in Black Vans I managed to sort out for myself; Something Wicked was still broken last night but I put in a petition; and The Black House was fixed for me via petition the other day.

    Glad you haven’t had any troubles, it does seem to be that certain types of quests tend to break if you’re doing a stage at the same time as someone else. So I guess it’s just a matter of bad luck as to whether you hit a quest at the wrong time.

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