Overheard in /LFG

“LFT for dungeon”
“LFT? What does that stand for?”
“Looking For Tank”
“I don’t think so, sunshine. This is a flexible game, a utopia of endless choice, free from the pigeonholing that bedevils other systems and their restrictive roles, we’ll have none of that nonsense.”
“Oh, all right. LFP (Looking For Player) for dungeon…”
“That’s better”
“… who has selected skills and abilities such that they’re able to attract the attention of monster-type-beast things, and has further selected skills and abilities, complemented by an appropriate choice of armour and weaponry, that allow them to absorb or avoid much of the damage that would surely result from the aforementioned attention with damage output being of frankly secondary importance, except insofar as to achieve the first-specified goal of attention attracting. PST.”

6 thoughts on “Overheard in /LFG

  1. Helistar


    If it weren’t for the weird letter here and there you could have imagined that they were requesting a player with a specific DNA sequence….

  2. Tremayne

    Just goes to show – you can take the tank out of the game, but you can’t take the preceonceptions out of the mind of an elitist who just knows how to be elite in THIS game because he learned all there is to know about being elite in ANOTHER game.

    Hmmm, that doesn’t look as snappy as I thought it was going to be :)

  3. pkudude99

    Heh, I wasn’t actually going to comment, but the security word is pleonasm, which is almost relevant, so I had to type this just to say “my security word is pleonasm, which refers to acronym repetition, and you have insane acronyms in your post, so. . there ya go.”

    PIN Number <– a pleonasm
    ATM Machine <– another


  4. Wracker

    I wasn’t going to post either, but my competitive nature got the best of me…

    I think I have you beat, pkudude (is that pukedude? 0.0). My security word is Retardataire. Is that solitaire with the mentally challenged? WhatisthisIdon’teven.

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