Thought for the day.

Plus ça change: I remember how any new MMO that launched would have a General Chat channel filled with proclamations of how much better the game was than World of Warcraft. I’ve been in two new MMOs recently, and I’ve seen none of that usual banter.

Plus c’est la même chose: Now everyone is jabbering on about how much better the game is than Star Wars: The Old Republic.

4 thoughts on “Thought for the day.

  1. welshtroll

    In TSW there was much trash talk of the TSW game itself, it was rather disappointing.
    Mostly because many of their comments were about elements that are likely to be altered in the Release version of the game. Why people can understand that a beta doesn’t mean demo is beyond me.

  2. Pardoz

    @welshtroll – I suspect that this is learned behaviour brought on my deliberate blurring of terms by marketing departments. After all “pre-order the game and get access to exclusive beta weekends” sounds much more enticing than “purchase the game now and get access to a demo of the game you just bought.”

  3. Cik

    Perhaps because the hundreds of thousands of maturing mmo enthusiasts have grown tired of more npc-dependent, heavily instanced, non-persistent, lobby-system single-player rpg’s / cooperative online rpg’s at $15/month; TOR fits that description perfectly.

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