Things are distinct not in their essence but in their appearance.

April 10th is just around the corner, and I’ve been dabbling in Guild Wars: The Original Series.

During my initial foray I was very pleased to see that ArenaNet can indeed make splendid-looking female armour without it needing to include a mini-skirt, bra, nipple tassels, thong, fishnets, Lycra leotard or nothing but a small strategically placed fig leaf.

Of course, if you want it, you have to buy it from the Guild Wars store.

I’ve also found a new lease of life in Skyrim, with various mods which improve character appearance, as well as the addition of cloaks and other cosmetic niceties, providing a new reason to go adventuring in Tamriel’s wintry province.

All of which is free, and makes me feel somewhat guilty, because I’m happy to give a little extra to ArenaNet seeing as their game and its series of expansions seems worth more than the box prices alone. With all the good will shown towards recent gaming Kickstarter projects, I wonder if players would also pay for mods to their favourite games, especially since services such as Steamworks support it.

Regardless, I’m cosmetically content, and perfectly happy pottering around in DDO, Guild Wars and Skyrim for the time being. In addition, I’m somewhat more hopeful now of being able to create a sensibly attired character in Guild Wars 2 – always nice for someone who enjoys playing female characters for more than the beholding of butt, and who doesn’t want to get hit around the head with a frying pan when their wife witnesses the buxom burlesque dancer in a chainmail thong with which the game has lumbered them.

4 thoughts on “Things are distinct not in their essence but in their appearance.

  1. darkeye

    There should be a good range of styles, some look very buttoned up like the huge trenchcoats that medium armour classes can wear, and plenty of ankle length skirts which are usually something of rarity in MMOs. But still certain armours show a great disparity between sexes, and the same armour on different races can be quite different too, good examples on this page:

    I think if you roll a norn female, prepare to show the most skin, if that selection of armours is anything to go by, unlike the charr female which is the complete opposite.

  2. nugget

    Now now, ANet makes plenty of splendid female armor the covers up as much as you like, without having to buy it from the store. ;)

    I didn’t even have to think very hard, I just went to wiki and picked at random. And one of those sets includes starter skins.

    To imply that the only place folk can get nice and demure armor is the cash shop is just a little bit… inaccurate.

  3. Illy

    What mods are you using in Skyrim?

    In particular, I’m curious about the ones you came across that have cloaks/capes. I’ve been doing a cursory search of the Workshop the last few days and didn’t see anything.

  4. Melmoth Post author

    @darkeye: It’ll be a dilemma then, as I really rather fancy playing a norn female. Tsk!

    @nugget: Fair point. I was really talking about that specific piece of armour, but I can see how it looks as though I meant armour in general.

    @Illy: Cloaks of Skyrim is what you see there.

    Also the Winter is Coming cloaks are quite spiffing.

    Although the Workshop does make installing mods a lot easier, I would definitely recommend browsing the Nexus site. Most basic mods only require you to copy them into your Skyrim’s ‘Data’ folder, so it’s not much hassle, and there seems to be much more content on the Nexus site, even if 99% of is XXX – be warned (or excited, depending on your outlook)!

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