The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed

Here’s a fun new quiz, is the following headline: (a) an April Fools’ joke, (b) an actual news story or (c) a plot element from a near-future sci-fi novel?

“The Pirate Bay plans low-orbit server drones to escape legal jurisdiction”

The correct answer is (b), apparently, but it sounds a lot like something from Brasyl, and may yet turn out to be a mis-timed post that was supposed to go out on April 1st.

I predict the next move will be the RIAA unveiling its own fleet of hunter/killer drones armed with copyright-seeking missiles, forcing The Pirate Bay to launch further defensive forces. At that point there would be a great opportunity to take something like the World of Warplanes engine, hook it into the flight control systems, and make some money out of the conflict by charging pilots $14.99 a month.

The really worrying prospect would be completely automated copyright enforcing drones as they’d surely herald the Rise of the Machines, and it would be slightly ironic if it turned out that Judgment Day was sparked off by an attempt to stop people watching Terminator 2 in ten minute chunks on YouTube.

9 thoughts on “The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed

  1. ArcherAvatar

    “low-orbit server drones to escape legal jurisdiction”

    This is the inevitable result of increased THC due to hydroponic farming…

  2. Stubborn

    I kept trying to come up with something funny, but it kept coming out as kind of threatening. I guess I’ll just give up on the humor and say that I found this particularly funny, and that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an attempt to enforce laws that lead to the eventual destruction of the human race. See? That doesn’t sound funny, either.

  3. Vic Sandman

    Hey, look on the bright side, Stubborn. At least I found your self-deprecating humour funny.
    And, as an avid torrenter myself, I can’t say I object to this idea…especially since Comcast, my ISP, has been cracking down on torrenting and has a complete monopoly on high-speed internet services in the area, overcharging for everything and providing very little. All I can do is wait for a superior corporation such as Clearwire or Charter to begin providing service. Ah, the wonders of living in a “free-market” country, where there are almost as many choices as in Soviet Russia.


  4. ArcherAvatar

    @ Vic Sandman
    No worries mate… I hear Comcast is going to be bought out by a larger corp in the near future… Umbrella was the name I think…

  5. Vic Sandman

    Oh wonderful, now we’re all going to get the T-Virus through our cable modems. That’s it, I’m moving to England with you jolly chaps.

  6. Zoso Post author

    You don’t want to move to England, it’s always first in line when robots or aliens attack. Though you might be fine if you stay away from Big Ben (or other national landmarks commonly featured in a standard Montage of Planet-Wide Destruction… the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Kremlin etc.)

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