To a valet no man is a hero.

In Rift my Bahmi has a racial ability: Mighty Leap.

It has little effect in PvE; mobs will still aggro if I try to leap over the top of them; I can sometimes use it to negotiate that damnable bane of all MMO heroes – the slight incline in terrain; but generally the ability does nothing.

Except look exceptionally cool.

I can use it to leap past an unsuspecting mob (admittedly not hard, seeing as, outside of a five yard radius, they all have the observational skills of a mole in a blindfold ), and if I position myself just right, I can land with a thud in front of them, and follow it immediately by a second thud, delivered with force to their braincase using my two-handed hammer.

It’s Batman. It’s Hulk. It’s Neo. And it’s Goku. It’s Spiderman; Predator; Aang.

It’s V.

It’s glee.

It’s you. And me.

Isn’t that what a hero should be?

That was a party political broadcast on behalf of the Still Just A Goddamn MMO Valet Party.

3 thoughts on “To a valet no man is a hero.

  1. darkeye

    Mighty Leap is useful chasing down artifacts (an unfair advantage, if you didn’t roll a Bahmi, or a High Elf on the Guardian side), and getting to hard to reach ledges. I’m not sure but I don’t think there are any other abilities with the same function of being able to target where you land, there are plenty of dashes/jumps that either go in a straight line or require a mob to be targeted. If they could be used in combat, they’d be a powerful escape, especially frustrating in PvP.

  2. Syl

    I’ve actually dusted off my mage in Rift this past week and also started a bard (it gets boring waiting for GW2 and there’s only that much minecraft I can take); immediately I was reminded of all the things I liked instantly about the game one year ago. sure, it’s too similar to WoW in many ways but the animations and spell effects – so much LOVE! <3 I love my pyro mage! ^^

    Eye candy, we cannot resist it.

  3. Jim

    Rift is such the social antithesis to TOR, which I’m also playing atm…and WoW as well again! I never got Cata but I had an old 60 ‘lock and 70 shammy so I’m wandering around lonely through BC and Wrath. 2 years later and I’d forgotten how amazing those worlds were though now dusty ghost towns, Dalaran completely deserted.

    So anyways, 3 raiding toons now in Rift has reduced it to guild events and my buddy’s day off. I consume mmorpg’s like fast food so many crumpled up wrappers around my desk and I’m still always hungry! Give me TSW, GW2, MoP, Rift exp…feeeeed me!

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