Boldly Going Both Forwards and Backwards

Dear The Firm,

It’s here:
The reverse button in Star Trek Online

You’re welcome,

The KiaSA Team.

12 thoughts on “Boldly Going Both Forwards and Backwards

  1. Zoso Post author

    The KiaSA Legal Team would like to make it clear they accept no responsibility for psychological trauma caused by following that YouTube link. Caveat clickor.

  2. Melmoth

    Although, as somewhat of a natural warning, having reviewed the video’s content the KiaSA Legal Team are now all dressed as scullery maids, dancing around the office like constipated crabs, while trying to strike each other on the knee with sticks of asparagus.

  3. Jim

    And you legal team has stated no praise, congratulations or otherwise for you two brilliant lunatics?

    Whatever. Just put it all in a book someday will you please? And let it be a real book, the kind with real pages my dogs can chew.

  4. Telwyn

    I loved that song, probably in part because I was learning German at ‘A level’ at the time – I even bought the CD single in fact. Strange that it was available in music stores in a smallish town in England. I guess it was pretty popular in the UK.

  5. Zoso Post author

    Crikey, Starship Edelweiss is… Well, the KiaSA Legal Team thoroughly enjoyed it, if the asparagus is anything to go by. I vaguely remember Bring Me Edelweiss, Wikipedia suggests the follow-up didn’t chart in the UK, but obviously a few CDs made it over…

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