8 thoughts on “My hobby.

  1. Melmoth Post author

    Another splendid character creator in which I’ve happily whiled away an evening twiddling around with the options. We really do need more of these in our MMOs.

  2. Melmoth Post author

    @Kabalyero: It’s not immediately obvious that picking the ‘alien’ option for character race opens up all the customisation options, thus allowing one to create their own unique race within the game. It’s rather fun, and coming from Cryptic it’s no surprise that the options are varied and flexible, City of Heroes has always had a super-powered character creator after all.

    @Stabs: Good lord yes, otherwise the south of England would be rife with spates of drive-by MMO criticism, and gang game satirisation.

  3. Ahtchu

    People who are so passionate about ‘character creation’ always perplexed me. All that time and effort, gone, at the donning of a helmet.
    And then this gem. While I will never be an advocate, I now support the cause.

  4. Syl

    LOL…this could be me.

    Challenge: create a doppelganger character to a popular NPC/questgiver in the game, then dress up the same and go station yourself next to it!

    been there done it in WoW! =D

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