An opening crawl for a crawling opening.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


Episode IX


It is a period of civil delay. Rebel spaceships,
queueing in their hidden base, threaten to win their
first victory against the evil Galactic Empire, just as
soon as they can get out the door. During the planned
battle, Rebel spies intend to form an orderly line to
steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the
DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power
to destroy an entire planet but very long delays at its
toilets. Not pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents,
because they’re all a bit held up trying to get to their
ships, Princess Leia casually saunters home aboard her
starship; custodian of [item not found] that can save
her people and restore freedom to the galaxy, she phones
ahead to let them know that she might be slightly delayed…

9 thoughts on “An opening crawl for a crawling opening.

  1. Tremayne

    I cannot log in this character! He has no patience!

    Seeing as I beat the queue by entering my product key and set up my subscription earlier this week, I’m hoping to log on without delay when I get home from work this evening. So far my server has been busy but not quite to the point of queues …

  2. Melmoth Post author

    I tried to do so a while back, and it wouldn’t accept the subscription payment (I think I was a touch too early), then I forgot, so now I’ll have to join the queues, tsk!

    The server I would like to play on has large queues on a regular basis, so I’ve been investing a lot of time in alts on a moderate population server where I can jump on and play Right Now[TM]. Actually it’s probably got to the point where they’re now my mains.

    Still, m’colleague and others have been coping quite happily, so the level of queue querulousness varies from person to person, and experience to experience, as is to be expected.

  3. Moridir

    The queues on Legions of Lettow seemed to have improved quite a bit since yesterday; before I’d be in an 1100+ queue around 18.00, now it was only around 400.

    Of course that could just be because a lot of people were in the extra queue to the account management.

    I’m starting to feel more and more British, what with all this queueing.

  4. Melmoth Post author

    The queues to the servers were indeed much better yesterday once I finally reached them, 10-15mins is certainly a vast improvement over the 50+mins prior to that. I did wonder whether it was due to people being stuck at the website, or if perhaps folks were starting to drift off for Christmas. It’ll be interesting to see how the queues look some time towards the middle of next week.

    Welcome to being British! Don’t forget to sigh loudly as you queue, with bonus marks if you can get the shoulder-slump just right, or if you add a flourish to the end of your sigh by tutting loudly.

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