Moving on is a simple thing. What it leaves behind is hard.

Having spent an entire evening in Skyrim shuffling inventory between my basic starter house in Whiterun and my new super duper, top of the line, ‘oh look at them aren’t they doing well, bet they drive a high-spec German saloon car and wear pink shirts with jeans too’ house in Solitude, I’d like to make a brief appeal on behalf of the This Bit Isn’t Fun party, and ask if some kind soul would like to write a removalist mod. for the game.

Bonus points if, as m’colleague pointed out, the mod. keeps the immersion of the game intact by having a couple of blokes turn up, drop a load of your stuff, bang the rest into various door frames on the way out, chuck it all in the back of a horse and cart, then empty it onto the pavement at the other end and go “nah, was like that when it went in mate”.

Still, kudos to the continued realism of Bethesda’s game: they say moving house is one of the most stressful things a person can do, and that’s as true in Skyrim as it is in the real world.

Accursed inventory weight limit, you win again!

9 thoughts on “Moving on is a simple thing. What it leaves behind is hard.

  1. Melmoth Post author

    Admittedly, using the game’s console to set my inventory weight limit to some ludicrously high number would work, but that seems a bit too much like cheating my way around one of the game’s primary systems, even if I were to do it only temporarily. Must be the MMO masochist in me.

  2. Syl

    Oh my, I didn’t even consider this yet – I’m currently saving up for Solitude, so the big move is still ahead. good thing that I am not a bad clutterer ingame (and I would SO use that console command, hehe!).
    I have a big move ahead IRL this coming January too, am already worried. WTB reallife mod.

  3. Melmoth Post author

    Don’t worry about the move in real life, I imagine Skyrim will be fine practise for it:

    Load your companion up with all the extra stuff which you can’t carry. Make your way to your new house. Spend fifteen minutes trying to get your companion to negotiate their way around a small rock on the path. Get distracted by an interesting local geological feature and head towards that instead. Find a different town to the one you were moving to. End up fighting the locals. Loot their corpses. Raise some of them from the dead to carry stuff for you. Break into the (now ownerless) houses and steal all their tomatoes and wooden plates. Remember that you were supposed to be moving house and you can no longer walk properly under the weight of all those tomatoes and wooden plates. Spend five days carefully selecting which items you’re going to leave behind in a barrel in the village square until you can come back for them. Accidentally pick-up everything from the barrel again just as you’re almost finished. Swear lustily. Reload from a previous save and start your house move again.

    At least, that’s pretty much what happened when I last tried to move house in real life. But I’m sure you’ll be fine.

  4. Melmoth Post author

    Splendid stuff! Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake, eat your heart out.

    I must say, I’ve been enjoying many of the Fus Roh Dah flying experiments on YouTube too.

  5. Whorhay

    If they didn’t patch it out yet you can actually fast travel on horseback even if you are a short ton over your weight limit. And while you can’t sprint while overburdened you can use the Wind Sprint shout.

  6. Melmoth Post author

    Good points both.

    “And while you can’t sprint while overburdened you can use the Wind Sprint shout.”

    Forevermore to be named in my game as the House Moving shout.

  7. Diego

    So I’ve discovered this neat little animation glitch that can be done as soon as you get the whirlwind sprint shout. I’ve googled like crazy and don’t know if anyone’s discovered it yet. Basically, all you do is equip a weapon, use your whirlwind shout, and about halfway through the sprint unsheathe your weapon. When you’re as heavy as a small vehicle, inertia seems to take over. I’ve taken to calling it the heavy sprint. It doesn’t seem to work if you’re not overburdened though.

    I’m still not sure if it beats the speed of a horse in the long run because you have to do it in short bursts. But an Amulet of Talos helps. I’m going to try seeing if I can do it for an extended period of time later today but I hope it gets you where you need!

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