Have I Got MMOnews For You

News this week of slightly unusual patent rights being granted for “a urinal-based games console”, which does seem to be an actual invention rather than just a terrible misunderstanding of how a Wii-mote is used.

The MMOG potential is obvious, venues such as stadiums offering the potential for 10, 25, perhaps even 40 man raids, though the duration would need to be tweaked slightly to under a minute rather than 18 hours. As for a suitable IP for the game setting, well, there’s only one option, isn’t there?

2 thoughts on “Have I Got MMOnews For You

  1. Gank

    Good grief… I have a hard enough time going when someone beside me, quitely doing their own business as it is…. what the hell am I going to do when I’m constantly interrupted by ‘looking for one more’ while taking a whizz?

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