Thought for the day

With Google+ and Facebook enforcing the use of “real” names (whatever they might be; Charlie Stross has a fine take on it all), perhaps this is the beginning of the end of nicks, handles and “Cool Internet Names”. Unless the social networks can somehow tap in to biometric data and government records, though, I’m not sure they can do much about “Not Technically ‘Real’ But Entirely Plausible Internet Names”; I wonder just how many Luther Blissets are signing up…

3 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Azuriel

    It is a battle that cannot be won. Kinda like piracy.

    I am “on” Facebook merely as a curtsey to those around me and for occasional Ex voyeurism opportunities (“She got married? To him?”). I was going to migrate to Google+, but then I read the terms of how signing up would automatically convert all of your Google products (Gmail, Blogger, etc) to reflect your real name. No thanks, Google, you already read the contents of my email to sell me advertising I block with NoScript and AdBlock… you aren’t getting any more free information.

  2. Jonathan B

    You mean Radical Awesomesauce isn’t your real name, Zoso? But I was sure I remembered your name high school. Facebook said you were one of 3,783 people I might know! Facebook is never wrong.

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