What do you call an ad break for the Templars?

Templar ForeverA divine intervention.

Lots of talk on Twitter and elsewhere in the past few days regarding the first rumblings of the beta for The Secret World, which is finally (here’s some preliminary hype from two years ago) getting set to reveal itself to a select number of ‘testers’. Bonus irony points for how quickly the NDA is broken and a wiki with all the secrets of The Secret World is launched.

I’ll be interested to see if they’re honouring the automatic invites for those who were subscribed to Age of Conan way back when; I really should login to my Funcom account at some point and check.

However, a lot of discussion seems to be focussed primarily on deciding which faction to play. There are the Dragons, who look increasingly like the World of Warcraft Alliance of TSW, and the Illuminati, the only group whose name registers as an error with my computer’s spelling checker: a conspiracy I tell you! The Templars seem to be a less popular lot, so for those who may have forgotten, allow me to again perform the minor miracle of being someone who advertises their cause.

Templar exemplar.

2 thoughts on “What do you call an ad break for the Templars?

  1. Teppo

    Though the Illuminati are very cool. They are ofc, insanely popular. This is a bit of a detractor in my books, though I’m not entirely sure why.

    I don’t know about Dragon = Alliance though? Mostly they seem to be content with sitting back and waiting for the rest of the world to go mental, then nip in and secure the flag, so-to-speak :) Minimum Effort, Maximum Gain!

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