Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow.

From now on, before I start playing a new MMO, my character is going to write a linkedin system, using papyrus punched with their teeth if they have to, and hand it out to every NPC in the game.

Thus, when my character approaches a new faction, having adventured for years, with a hundred levels under their belt, the defeat of countless potentially world-ending villains, the rescue of multifarious powerless persons, the destruction of numerous evil relics of infinite power, the overthrowing of divers despotic regimes, the prevention of multitudinous cataclysmic events across both time and space, and a dedication to the slaughter of wildlife that would give a T-rex indigestion at the mere thought, they can point the snooty NPC –who wants my character to collect badger turds for faction reputation before they’ll speak to them properly– to their linkedin profile, which reports a network of over fifty thousand satisfied NPCs who were unable to save their own sorry arses, and a reputation of AAAA++ Would Definitely Have This Hero Save Our Town Again.

Then my character would take the bag of badger bum blops and empty it over the NPC’s head, telling them that it’s their own damn porridge so they can use their own damned spoon, before wandering off and finding a faction that willingly accepts an offer of aid.

3 thoughts on “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow.

  1. Melmoth Post author

    My first attempt at this used an merchant grading system, but my character kept getting troll comments and one star ratings from both competing heroes and antagonistic factions aligned against those I had helped.

  2. ArcherAvatar

    … sorry… it slipped out…

    Well, at least you had the word “Tree” in the title…

  3. Melmoth Post author

    Possibly the first instance of Guild Wars 2-centric Tourette’s on the Internet.

    Hope to have a little KiaSAcommentary forthcoming later in the week. Looking interesting so far, although I’m not completely sold on them just yet.

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