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From Massively, news that players should expect “around 200 hours of core gameplay per class” in SWTOR.

Say it’s 12 seconds on average to kill a rat, 5 RPM (rats per minute), times 60, times 200… I reckon SWTOR will have to ship with *at least* 60,000 rats.

Space rats, that is. With lightsabres and this and that and shit.

10 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Jon Shute

    I’m sure I’m not the only person who had the initial reaction of “I don’t have 200 spare hours! I have a stack of 10 hour games I haven’t found time to complete!”

    I do applaud the rat control measures though. They are getting out of hand.

  2. Klepsacovic

    At an average of 10 rats to kill per quest, that means a whopping 6000 quests, minus the FexEx Quest Ratio (FEQR), but which still leaves a lot of demand on the guy whose job it is to think of different names for rats and different reasons why we should kill the ‘rats’.

    No wonder it cost so much, they went way overboard on the rats.

  3. Changling Bob

    Ah, but you haven’t taken into account the inter-rat interval; surely some fraction of each hour must be taken up by travelling from one cluster of rats to slightly vicious rats +1 to encourage the proper illusion of progress! Given current trends, this is likely to be non-negligible, say, 10 minutes per hour. Whether it counts as ‘core gameplay’ depends on how much they like padding the numbers.

  4. Sente

    12 seconds per rat is just for the newbie rats, before you have your AoE powers and your first tiny pew-pew.

    But it may be troublesome for the non-Jedi rat hunters to get their share if there is a Jedi/Sith there as well:

    – These are not the rats you are looking for
    – These are not the rats we are looking for
    – You can go about his business
    – You can go about your business
    – You will move along
    – We will move along

  5. Fuan

    @Jon Ha! I read that and had the opposite reaction. Only 200 hours, aka 8 days? That seems like an awfully small amount of time estimated to play through the content in an MMO. Heck, my old Everquest Druid had over 60 days played time logged before the first expansion came out (I was in college….). If I remember (and I shudder to), I believe it even took me greater than 8 days played to reach the level cap in WoW.

  6. Fuan

    Replying to myself. Now that I think about it, judging from the recent SWTOR gameplay videos released, it looks a lot like WoW + science. 8 days played to level cap sounds about right for a modern MMO.

  7. Jonathan B

    If the game will ship with 60,000 rats, don’t you pity the poor stockboys? I’m imagining nervous customers peering at the warehouse door as grenades and machine gun fire echo….

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