In perhaps the tank-iest news of the week, World of Tanks is going to be at the Bovington Tank Museum Tankfest later this month. The Tank Museum is always a fantastic day out for military history buffs with a superb collection of vehicles, and Tankfest is even tank-ier with displays and armour on the move. This year the unique Tortoise is running for the first time in 60 years, hopefully the World of Tanks developers will be gathering plenty of material for including it as a late-tier tank destroyer when the British tech tree is added to the game.

If anyone fancies a day trip as part of a couple or family where perhaps not everyone would be completely enthralled by tanks, tanks and then a few more tanks, the museum is pretty much next to Monkey World for those who prefer primates to panzers. I still think they could combine the two in a “Monkeys in Tanks” exhibition of some kind…

I went to Tankfest quite a few years back, WoT players will be pretty familiar with some of the vehicles they had running:

Matilda II

Panzer III


And as a particular treat, although it was thought that no examples of the experimental Leichttraktor survived, we can see here a fine preserved specimin of that iconic Tier I tank having a bit of trouble fording a river:

stock image
Image by freeimageslive.co.uk – gratuit

5 thoughts on “Tankfest!

  1. Klepsacovic

    That’s why they started using treads. Big treads. can’t get anywhere on tiny little wheels. And the frame itself is awful: there’s only one direction for an exit, the sloping is just asking for a direct hit perpendicular hit punching right through it all. Just sloppy work and I am glad it never went out.

  2. Tremayne

    That last picture is actually the upgraded Leichttraktor with improved armour – the standard model’s hull can be breached by a hard stare. Normally in World of Tanks you get spotted and then blown up in short order – it’s a little-known fact that the mere act of being spotted will kill a Leichttraktor outright.

    Note however, that this isn’t the MkIII version with a raised observer seat for a 2 year old tank commander… facing backwards.

  3. ArcherAvatar

    “a “Monkeys in Tanks” exhibition of some kind…”

    What… you mean Desert Storm? Naw… it’s been done mate.

  4. Gankalicious

    That’s not the Leichttractor silly rabbits. That’s the Russian artillery unit minus its gun.

    That thing is like a Kleenex box with a cannon :)

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