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May 2011: World of Warcraft blamed for wrecking marriages

July 2011: Marriage counselling services introduce a new programme, “The Couple That Plays Together Stays Together”, encouraging husbands and wives to play MMOGs together so the games become a bonding experience instead of a point of contention

October 2011: WoWprogress shows unprecedented levels of success in raid dungeons spearheaded by highly motivated guilds led by married couples

July 2012: Divorce Online reports that World of Warcraft is mentioned as the primary factor in 65% of cases where unreasonable behaviour is the cited reason for divorce. Further comments include “bottom 10% of DPS in every raid, even after I pointed out several ways to improve his rotations” and “Was standing in the fire. Again. I mean once or twice fair enough we’re all human but this was the SEVENTH TIME IN A ROW after I’d said DON’T STAND IN THE FIRE, honestly, come on.” Marriage counselling services forced to change the name of the programme to “The Couple That Plays Together Stays Together Until His Hunter Rolls On My Warrior Two-Hander”.

1 thought on “Have I Got Future MMOnews For You

  1. Melmoth

    “Until His Hunter Rolls On My Warrior Two-Hander”

    Sod divorce, any sane judge in the land would find that a reasonable cause to convict for the maximum jail term allowed under such circumstances!

    “The case before us is that of the crown vs. Captain Edmund Blackhunter, the flanderous ninjalooter! Oh, uh hand me the black cap, I’ll be needing that.”

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