As to my Title, I know not yet whether it will be honourable or dishonourable.

I finally got around to grabbing the Kingslayer title on my goblin Shaman last week.

It really didn’t seem all that difficult in the end: all this talk of ten and twenty five player groups being required; AddOns; raid leaders; wipes and repair bills; it seemed a little like overkill to me. I mean, m’colleague and I ran ourselves through the whole thing as a duo – with myself healing on my Shaman and he on his tank – in a few hours one lazy evening without any bother. Actually it all seemed rather dull and a bit of a letdown, nothing like the hardcore experience that other people have been talking about in the blogosphere over the past many months.

Slithy the KingslayerOf course, people never believe such statements, so I had the presence of mind to grab a screenshot of the little fellow with his new title as proof. It seems strange that I’ve finally achieved the current pinnacle of titles with barely any effort on my part; if this content is in fact being heavily nerfed, then perhaps doing so to the point of letting a couple of once-a-week casuals complete it as a duo is a touch overboard.

8 thoughts on “As to my Title, I know not yet whether it will be honourable or dishonourable.

  1. darkeye

    At this stage, a Cataclysm geared tank has more health than a 40 man raid in vanilla WoW. I tried to do the something similar in Lotro, my poorly geared level 62 warden could only solo the first two bosses in Urugarth before running up a repair bill of more than 1g, which was ironic because I was trying to save gold by getting a class quest item for my burglar. I don’t know which approach I prefer to be honest, but don’t like seeing obsolete content.

  2. Melmoth Post author

    @darkeye: I think what LotRO did with the epic Book content is not a bad compromise: a special buff if you choose to go at it solo, but the option to play in a fellowship is still available. Overall balancing of such content is definitely a tricky task, however.

    @Doug: Alas not; but secretly in my mind, yes indeed.

  3. nugget

    Squee! I’m sorry! Totally off topic!

    But I’m reading this awfully endearing and funny book now, it even has flipbook sheep… and and…

    …Melmoth, are you named after a sheep? O.o


  4. nugget

    Oooh that’s even more wonderful. I didn’t know about that! Now I have OscarWildeMom reference-named sheep associations as well!

    *prancelikesheep* *only nuggetlike* *sage nod*

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