8 thoughts on “When MMO Players review.

  1. Melmoth Post author

    Man, the big epic disaster for 2012 had better be awesome or I’ll be unsubscribing from these years altogether. I bet the teaser trailers are really just referring to the British trying to host the Olympic games.

  2. Sente

    Spot on :)

    There is no innovation, same old boring months and seasons. But, 2013 have the potential to be awesome – they are revamping the whole thing using the 2012 apocalypse prediction to re-invent the whole thing.

    I am just waiting for that to be released.

  3. Stabs

    I’m really excited about 2012. The thing they’re doing with the end of the year, the -2 thing, is really innovative and will I feel breathe new life into the genre. And a year that rhymes with “elf” may see a renaissance in the often overlooked subgenre of MMO poetry. Clever MMO marketers may realise that in a year that rhymes with elf using scantily clad elven maidens to advertise their products would be particularly apt and I’m sure that’s an element of MMOdom we’d all like to see more of. I also appreciate that we’ll be keeping the core 201- structure as it really underpins all that is good about years and we don’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    All in all I can’t wait!

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