I know it’s very tempting

Amazon’s inaugural Black Friday Deals Week in the UK has been pottering along, offering shoppers bargain chocolates, Lego, exercise bikes and cordless screwdrivers with corkscrew attachments. Yesterday they tweeted “Tomorrow’s deals begin at 3am with over 200 products at amazing prices”, causing a frisson of excitement; what super-bargain could be unveiled at such a ludicrous time? The rumoured XBox 360 with 60% discount?

This morning I had a quick look at the Expired deals, just to see what had gone on sale, and I can only imagine the joy and delight of somebody setting their alarm for 3am to discover they had a chance of a massive £2.50 saving on… a Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Shaver. I had to have a look at the product page, just to see the “fully extendable and adjustable locking handle to reach even the most difficult middle and lower portions of the back”, and fair enough, if you’ve been looking for a do-it-yourself electric back shaver it does seem to have pretty positive reviews.

The only trouble was that, returning to the Amazon homepage, I was bombarded with other hair-removal suggestions. “Customers with your browsing history are extremely hairy, and have also purchased…”, it almost-but-not-quite said. To get rid of the assortment of shavers, waxes and creams, I clicked on the first non-hair-based thing on the front page, an advert for Lord of the Rings jewellery. I must admit to being tempted slightly by one piece, especially based on the five star review.

Only thing is now, between those two items Amazon probably think I’m a hobbit…

3 thoughts on “I know it’s very tempting

  1. FraidOfTheLight

    Just when I was thinking that there was nothing that Amazon wouldn’t sell.

    Just as well that the site didn’t exist in the book, otherwise the War would have been lost before it started.

    Of course, this could be a cunning ploy by Amazon to take over the world. They say that it’s the One Ring, but what if it’s really one of the subordinate rings? Then we are really are all doomed.

    (BTW, the first comment on that page is excellent!)

  2. SvvenOfDale

    Loved this entry so much that I read it aloud to my wife and family.

    Of course, it jump-started their active imaginations…and never-ending amusement at ridiculing the only man in the house.

    “So Dad,” my twelve-year-old begins, “what do you think Amazon would guess YOU are when we’re searching for a Christmas present for you?”

    Not wanting to feel left out my eighteen-year-old chimed in, “Well, lets see, cross a nose-hair trimmer with some Rogaine, a slew of PC and XBox games, the latest Black Library offering, and toss some underwear and socks in for good measure. What do you get?”

    My wife waited patiently, as she always does, for the perfect moment to pounce, allowing for the proper amount of humiliating ingredients to be added to the pot. Even though she knew full well there was far more that could have been added to the Stew of Sarcasm, thanfully she stepped in to end the pain.

    “The 40-year old Virgin.”

    I’m glad I can provide my family with great material.

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