Thought for the day.

I’ve just finished reading The Hobbit to mini-Melmoth. If there’s one thing in the book that I would like to see in a future Lord of the Rings Online expansion, it would have to be Beorn. Not the beardy man-bear himself, but the race of Beorn, as is mentioned towards the end of the book.

I’m a sucker for shape-shifters, and the lore is all right there, ripe for inclusion. Come on Turbine, playable Beorns in your next major expansion.

You know you want to.

Or you know I want you to, at least.

4 thoughts on “Thought for the day.

  1. Damon "Demios" Marjanovich

    NA servers in bout a year, european servers… after the two hobbit movies hit regular television…

  2. Dickie

    If it were 6 months ago, I would say it would never happen: Turbine only had rights to LOTR, not including Hobbit. BUT, WB does have the rights to the Hobbit, from what I gather, so it is a possibility now!

  3. Melmoth Post author

    Hoom, good point, the shape-shifters certainly didn’t ‘represent’ in Lord of the Rings. One might consider those bears to be quite busta, what what.

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