KiaSA Top Tips

BRITISH PEOPLE: if applying for an open beta only available to US and Canadian residents, make sure you say “Hot Dang” and “y’all” a lot while filling out the application form to convince the web browser of your North American credentials.

Yours transatlantically,

Mrs Connie Vincingaccent

6 thoughts on “KiaSA Top Tips

  1. Damon "Demios" Marjanovich

    If you are actually interested in vindictus, I have a spare account, and getting a NA proxy isn’t that difficult… (from an american fan of the blog)

  2. Zoso Post author

    Ta muchly for the offer; it does look pretty interesting, but my gaming schedule’s fairly busy at the moment so I’m probably going to stick to keeping an eye on reports for a while. Be interested to hear your impressions of it so far.

  3. Damon "Demios" Marjanovich

    Best way to describe it is basically devil may cry/god of war + the instanced nature of guild wars + with a dash of baulders gate dark alliance (strait hack n slash gameplay in mini dungeon runs) for a gamer dad who only gets playtime on my 30 or so mmos during the wife and kid downtime the sitdown and play in front of my tv nature has so far made it a blast to play. Whether I have 20 minutes or 3 hours to dedicate I get a nice feeling of accomplishment being from their title system or just the completionist feeling from finishing the last oath of honor (achievement system) for a dungeon… not to mention once you have direct control of a character via gamepad its a little harder to go back to the click mob hit button, cooldown, hit button cycle of your standard mmo…

  4. Derrick

    Security word: Godwottery? I have no idea what that means, but I’m going to use it in conversation at least once today.

    So this is a more “baldur’s gate-y” style of game, rather than the traditional MMO Hotbar/Cooldown Combat type game? Intriguing. I’ll have to check it out. I’m bored to tears with the whole hotbar/cooldown thing.

    Note: If impersonating a North American resident, you can skip the “Hawt dang!” and “Yall!”; just be friendly and polite, maybe drop an “eh?” into conversation somewhere. Instant Canadian cred =)

  5. Damon "Demios" Marjanovich

    Evie (the yet unreleased mage) is currently the only one with a mini hotbar… lann (dual sword) or the sword n board girl are all mapped to controller buttons… a light attack, b smash, x grab, y dash etc… and the learned moves are actual combos ie aaaa does 1k needles, where aaab is a whirlwind etc

    Since the instances are P2P if you know your connecting to someone geographically close the ping is muuuuuch better

  6. Zoso Post author

    Ah, P2P connections might explain the geographical restrictions, but it really does sound interesting… I might have a tinker with some proxies if I get a chance over the weekend…

    @Derrick Act aboot like a Canadian, eh? That could work, thank you kindly.

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