Daily Archives: September 14, 2010

Stephen Fry Live(ish)!

Stephen Fry was live at the Royal Festival Hall last night launching the latest volume of his autobiography. It looked like a fun event, but tickets sold out quite quickly, and schlepping into London on a Monday evening is a bit of a pain in the bum anyway. Conveniently, then, the event was also broadcast live to cinemas around the country, the local Vue being considerably easier to pop along to.

The broadcast worked really well; you still got the sense of being in an audience for a performance as a shared experience, with the laughter and reactions that you just don’t get watching on a television at home. Fry read a few excerpts from the book, chatted away rather splendidly, and did an uncanny impersonation of Hugh Laurie (even if only saying “hullo!”)

It definitely seems like it could be the way forward for acts who can sell out massive venues but aren’t really suited to them; Flight of the Conchords at Wembley Arena spring to mind, or most stand-ups in similar size venues where, for a good chunk of the audience, the performer is so far away they end up watching the big screens anyway.

Thought for the day.

Allow players to make hero classes in World of Warcraft by combining any two level-capped classes they have into a new character which shares core features from each. I was quite intrigued by the idea of the Palalock; the Shamage (pronounced similar to Michael Jackson’s cha’mone) might be fun; I imagine the Hunterogue would be king of PvP; and Death Druids and Warrior Priests would probably be quite popular too.

Curiously enough this came from my Lord of the Rings Online play, where I’ve been avidly levelling a Hunter, and dreamed of merging my Hunter with my Warden to create a hero class with the ranged bow damage, traps and tricks of the Hunter, and the self-healing avoidance tanking of the Warden. I don’t want much, eh? Just a character class so overpowered that it forces bits across the network hard enough to bring down the server hardware.

Still, this MMO fanatic can but dream fanciful dreams.