Thought for the day

If buying a used game is tantamount to piracy, why aren’t the police cracking down on the nefarious dens of villainy that are charity shops?

(Would ‘thrift store’ be the US equivalent?)

15 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Stabs

    Thrift is in some regards the enemy of the people. Our economies depend upon consumer spending after all.

    I can certainly see a case for legislating against thrift stores on the grounds they are evil. The name alone implies an almost Communistic aversion to participating in a capitalist economy.

    Your capcha unfortunately does not agree. It’s just told me to rimbuggle off. Damned pinko capchas!

  2. Pardoz

    P’raps because used sales are still legal, for now, despite the best efforts of the Author’s Guild, MPAA, and others?

    PC gaming gave up the battle a good 15 years ago, really.

  3. Klepsacovic

    Thrift is the enemy of the people but the friend of the person. That makes it a matter of personal benefit, which is the foundation of capitalism. So in fact rampant consumerists are the true communists.

  4. DeepSleeper

    I like how you keep repeating that even though Tycho never actually said it, and in fact said:
    “People who buy used games are not pirates, by definition.”

  5. Jeff

    Oh yes, those frucking second hand booksellers. (thanks anti-spam word of the day!) And librarians! When are they going to punish THOSE anti-capitalists?

  6. Melmoth

    @DeepSleeper: I like how you keep repeating that, even though m’colleague never actually said it.

    You may need to sit down for this one: there are posts on the Internet other than Tycho’s. I know! And in this brave new world that I am revealing to you now, you may find that these posts were written by people other than Tycho! Scandalous I’m sure, but before you burn me as a heretic, consider that if one of these so called ‘other people’, if that is their real name, had made a wild claim that ‘buying used games was tantamount to piracy’, you might consider m’colleague’s response to be an amusing retort to that claim, and nothing to do with Tycho’s original statement at all.

  7. Stabs

    Ah Melmoth you ruined it!

    People were spontaneously keeping to under 140 characters until you posted. Communication by homile. Impromptu tweeting.

  8. Stabs

    Drop by drop, Holmes. Drop by drop. Eh, in a way I’m almost sorry. You were a stimulating influence to me. But it was obvious that I should win in the end… Closer to the end Holmes. Closer and closer. Each second a few more drops leave your desiccated body. And you can feel them can’t you? You’re perfectly conscious, aren’t you, Holmes?

  9. Melmoth

    Ah. And here comes Watson now. Had you stuck to one hundred and forty characters, dear boy, you might have finished me before help arrived.

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