MMORPG Name Generator

Got a brilliant idea for a new MMORPG, but just can’t come up with a catchy name? Simply follow these easy steps for a guaranteed smash hit:

  1. Stick a pin in the thesaurus entry for ‘realm’
  2. Add ‘of’
  3. Draw scrabble letters from a bag for a fantasy-sounding word
  4. Add punctuation of choice
  5. Append a portentous verb

KiaSA Studios are pleased to announce that Purview of Lsdqwny – Conflictening will be released in 2011 and feature exciting innovations including Levels, Statistics and Items, and Neck of the Woods of Gassdvhw{ Enthrustening has just started development, based around the novel idea of giving us lots of money in exchange for killing monsters or making swords or something.

7 thoughts on “MMORPG Name Generator

  1. Melmoth

    In other news: Big Huge Games and 38 Studios announce Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning as the title of their forthcoming single player game based in the same universe as the Copernicus MMO, cunningly avoiding KiaSA’s extensive and rabid legal department (assuming Frank has managed to unstaple his tie from his tongue again) hounding them with respect to unlicensed use of the MMO Name Generator to create such a bland and formulaic title.

    Frank awaits with bated breath (and bleeding tongue) the announcement of the True Name of the TOP SECRET Copernicus MMO, however.

  2. Caspian

    Another alternative is to name it based on KiaSA’s anti-spam capcha system – Hence I bring you:

    Parping of Smeg – Jectigation

    Wenis of Rassasy – Erethism

    or my personal favourite:

    Frucking of Rimbuggle – DaidyDaisy

  3. Zoso Post author

    Dammit, those were supposed to be under NDA! Frank? FRANK? Oh gawd, who let him have a hole punch…

  4. Efithor

    I got “Neighborhood of Lesbiod: Energized”. Bet their going to make me pay 15 dollars a month for it…

  5. Dr Toerag

    Daisydaisy of Clinchpooper; Impignorate Edition

    Sounds like this one is for a “mature” audience.

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