KiaSA Top Tips for APB

For new players to All Points Bulletin, a quick guide from pre-launch:

  • Voice is broadcast by default; either go into the VoIP section of the Audio options to change it to push to talk, or if you’re wearing a headset be vewy, vewy quiet when sneaking up on wabbits (and enemy players) or they’ll hear you.  Or take advantage, by saying very loudly “I’M JUST GOING TO GO UP THESE STAIRS HERE AT THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING”, then sneak off up a ladder round the back.
  • You show up as a red triangle on enemy radar (and vice versa) when either sprinting or in a vehicle.
  • APB is very much like making love to a beautiful woman (© Swiss Toni), it’s better in a group. Pull up the group window (“U” by default) to find one (a group, that is; beautiful women are currently unavailable via in-game mechanisms).
  • When riding as a passenger in a car, press forward or back (“W/”S”) to lean out of the window and shoot at stuff. Don’t press “F”, unless you want to get out.
  • If there are four of you in a car, the two on the passenger side need to be very careful firing directly ahead or behind, or there will very soon be three in the car. If someone leaning out of the opposite side of the car happens to shoot you, they probably meant it.
  • To add your own music to the game, pull up the music player (default “P”), select “Import”, and navigate to the folder containing the MP3s. You can also toggle between having your music playing all the time, or just in cars.
  • Setting up a playlist containing only the theme from The Professionals to play whenever you get into a car instantly makes the game 42.7% more awesome
  • Pick a gun to suit your style; out of the tutorial you can buy the OCA-EW submachine gun for close-in work, or the Obeya rifle if you prefer longer range shots.  (Speak to a contact to buy weapons, vehicles and upgrades.)  Alternatively, choose the one that best matches your shoes.
  • If an enemy group are holed up around an objective, charging directly towards their waiting guns generally doesn’t work as well as taking a bit of time to scope the area and look for unexpected approaches or overlooking sniper positions. If your clan is closely modelled on the Crimean War era Light Brigade, though, go for it, it’ll make a great poem.

7 thoughts on “KiaSA Top Tips for APB

  1. Jonathan B

    I need to try that riding as a passenger idea. Because their controls are way too sensitive for me to drive well. It’s the one real complaint I have out of my initial test run.

  2. Bronte

    Great list man, I especially enjoyed the part about part currently patent-pending by Swiss Toni.

    Really, REALLY wish there were servers near my part of the world to allow me to play…

  3. Melmoth

    @Jonathan B: Depending on whether you’ve played since beta you may find the vehicles more manageable now. They seem to have been improved with the latest release, but it’s also worth noting that different vehicles do handle very differently. The best handling car that’s easy to obtain (read ‘steal/borrow’) at the start is the little two seater BMW Z4-a-like which, when compared to the wallowy twitchy four-door saloons, is very friendly to drive.

    The only other tip I’d offer is to learn to love the handbrake, most corners are best taken sideways (sideburns, perms and blazing guns optional)

    @Bronte: It’s definitely a game for a group, alas. Most people I know who have been put off by it have been trying to run solo, and it doesn’t lend itself to solo play much at all.

  4. chadmango

    As I have done this far too many times: when you are a passenger in a car, regardless of what side you are on if you press ‘A’ you will hang out of the window. Trust me the ‘F’ key is faaaar to close to the ‘D’ key, and I’ve found myself stranded many a time. Nice guide

  5. chadmango

    sorry, double post… Field Supplier allows youto change weapons on the fly. Pressing ‘I’ will bring up your inventory and allow you to change weaps ‘in the field’ so to speak. I found this really useful during my last play session

  6. Zoso Post author

    @chadmango Good point about the Field Supplier (you can also use the ammo vending machines that show up on the map, if you don’t have a pre-order car or other mobile supply point), sometimes a change of weapon/tactic is just the ticket.

    @Bronte Swiss Toni knows his stuff all right…

    The in-car music system of APB is very much like making love to a beautiful woman, 42.7% more awesome when The Professionals theme starts playing when you’re inside.

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