An arrow for the heart like a sweet voice

After some pondering on voice and identity in games, this week’s Sunday Papers on Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a link to Media Molecule’s Kenny Young talking about voice, principally in Dragon Age: Origins, and a comment there points to a Guardian Gamesblog, also on voice. Both posts mention The Old Republic, including pointing out that starting a trailer with Alec Guinness is perhaps setting the bar a *smidge* high. Interesting stuff.

4 thoughts on “An arrow for the heart like a sweet voice

  1. Stabs

    It might be a high bar but it’s certainly one that Warner Brothers, now owners of Turbine can match.

    I’m hoping for a Blade MMO with Snipes’ voice when I kill vampires.

    My antispam word is honeyfugle. Not a word that Blade would ever say.

  2. Zoso Post author

    … honeyfugle. Not a word that Blade would ever say.

    I dunno, the original Marvel Blade was born in 19th century London, I think he might have enjoyed the odd honeyfugle between staking vampires…

  3. mbp

    I am currently replaying Rome Total War and I must admit to being impressed by the voice acting in game. All of the sound bites are delivered in a range of imperious accents that just fit with the Roman Empire theme. Its gets a bit repetitive after you hear a particular soundbite for the hundredth time but nevertheless the do really add to the atmosphere of the game.

  4. Zoso Post author

    They’re very effective in Napoleon Total War as well, whether it’s an “On y va!” when playing the French or a “Stand ready!” as the British, and you can also zoom right down in to the pipe and drums at the head of a unit and see and hear them leading units across the map, great use of sound.

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