Thought for the day.

You see those innocent level one neutral-con critters that every MMO has running around in the background acting as part of the scenery?

In my MMO, whenever a player killed one of those critters, a fifty tonne version would fall from the sky onto the player’s head, squashing them flat.

And then explode.

9 thoughts on “Thought for the day.

  1. mbp

    I like that thought but I thin I would add more of a RP flavour to it: Killing a level 1 bunny spawns a level 99 Killer Rabbit of Carebannog.

  2. Capn John

    Back in the day (in WoW) you could skin those critters and level your Skinning skill. Also, when you skinned a dead sheep, you would sometimes get Wool.

  3. Melmoth Post author

    Perhaps we could take mbp and Cap’n John’s thoughts and tweak things slightly:

    Whenever a player kills one of those critters, they are transported to an alternative dimension populated by giant level 99 Killer Rabbits of Carebannog, which run around one-shotting and skinning the player characters at random.

  4. nugget

    Ooh. One of my favouritestestest games has a feature very similar to that.

    It’s an ANSI turn-based Nethack derivative called T.O.M.E.

    >.> If you kill a defenceless mold (I think that was the name, me senile, don’t quite remember), a HORDE of elder dragons spawns, and believe me, they aren’t pushovers. (Unless you’re wildly abusing some game features anyway…) Oh. And unless you abuse other features, you only get one life per character. Dead is dead.

    Scene after killing poor defenceless mold:


    D=Elder Dragon @=You

    Only with more colours.

    >.> Check it out, it’s worth trying, honest! What other game lets you play a mold! (Yes, you can play a mold of DOOM. A DEATH MOLD! And yes, it’s as odd as it sounds…)

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