Thought for the day

One of the requirements for the new Scout video game merit pin is to:

7. Play a video game that will help you practice your math, spelling, or another skill that helps you in your schoolwork.

So next time you see a spelling mistake in the general chat channel of your favourite MMO, be sure to correct it. It’s not being pedantic, it’s helping a Scout get an award.

(As for maths, it just needs the statistics questions framed in the right way:
“If Aeonus has a 17.4% chance of dropping Latro’s Shifting Sword, and an average of three people in your group of five roll on it, how many runs of The Black Morass are needed before people twig IT’S NOT A SODDING HUNTER WEAPON?”)

4 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Capn John

    Whadda ya mean it’s not a Hunter Weapon? It’s a sword, innit? It’s got +Agility on it, don’t it? It’s got some bonus AP on it, don’t it? Sure, it’s got some expertise, but that’s just so Mobs don’t dodge our arrows and bullets, innit? My Hunter has two of ’em, with Mongoose on both, but that’s coz he’s a Night Elf Melee Hunter called Drizzitte.

    /sarcasm off
    /flameshields ON

  2. Tauren Warlock

    I learned spreadsheets from doing industry in Eve Online, and I brushed up on my angular velocity calculations. Of course most parents wouldn’t want their children to spend time around us sociopaths so that might be a non-starter.

  3. Zoso Post author

    Oh no, it’s a ghastly Eve player, quick, shut down the site before he deletes the blog and steals all our stuff!

    Sorry, not quite sure what came over me there…

    The only problem with Eve would be the maths being more suitable to an economics Ph.D. than a Scout’s schoolwork; “now in slide 46 we can see the change in the cross elastic supply/demand curve of veldspar following the patch changes and the shift in ownership of several key production centres…”

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