Blizzard tells a joke.

Q: Why is Blizzard’s $25 digital mount of limited stock availability?

A: Because they had to reserve the bulk of them to give to level 1 characters in the Cataclysm expansion!

3 thoughts on “Blizzard tells a joke.

  1. Melmoth Post author

    Well indeed, it’s a virtual item so it can’t sell out.

    Which is why they put “x% stock left” on their purchase window.

    And “Please note that being in the queue does not guarantee that you will have an opportunity to purchase an item”

    Because in no way would that give the impression of limited availability.

    And why are all these blue names having to answer questions as to whether the item is limited availability on various forums? Because their store gives every impression that it is limited in stock.

    Now it’s probably just a feature of their store’s function that item stock levels and such are part of the interface, but you’re telling me they couldn’t have modified the back-end so that the stock level always read full and had a little infinity sign next to it?

    More cynical people might think it was done deliberately in order to heighten the mount grab mentality that we have witnessed.

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