How much nun would a nunchuck chuck if a nunchuck could chuck nun?

So Sony have unveiled their “Move” motion controller. A cynic might say “It took them four years to paint a Wiimote black? Even Nintendo managed that last year.” That would, of course, be quite, quite wrong. Just look at the crucial differences:
1) The Move, like a Wizard’s Staff, has a knob on the end. This offers far greater ribald song opportunity than the Wiimote.
2) The Move has “a sub-controller (basically a nunchuck)”. Unless the pictures are terribly misleading, though, there’s no wired connection between the two Move controllers, so it’s actually a set of wireless nunchucks. Or “two sticks” as they’re sometimes known.
3) The Move released “Flowers in the Rain” in 1967, the first record played on Radio 1. Or maybe that was The Move.

Let’s hope the launch titles continue to show this same innovation; I’m hoping for “PlayStation Move Sports” including Skittles, Badminton, Wiffleball, Karate (But With Punching Only, No Kicking) and Something That’s Really Similar To Golf Except I Can’t Think Of A Good Example Just At The Moment (With A Knob On The End).

3 thoughts on “How much nun would a nunchuck chuck if a nunchuck could chuck nun?

  1. Jeff

    Two sticks, one with no connection OR wrist strap, the better to fling it at your screen. Brilliant, those Sony folks.
    …that’s quite a Knob, isn’t it? And you introduced anti-spam word “Wenis” just for this post, didn’t you. Didn’t you!

  2. Zoso Post author

    Blimey, I knew the anti-spam system was getting dangerously close to sentience but I didn’t know it had managed to hack into the Sony network to pull out their original codename for the project…

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