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  1. Melmoth Post author

    I was going to explain as to why, but as I mentioned to Zoso, I was stuck trying to phrase my thoughts in such a way that various Internet personalities couldn’t twist and pick holes in it in ways that were nothing to do with what I had actually said, as they are wont to do.

    At which point Zoso said “Well if you can manage that, world peace and solving hunger should be a piece of piss…”

  2. Melmoth Post author

    I will flame you blind if you say something stupid, though.

    I had cause to look at the prices on the auction house the other day, so consider my eyes already seared.

  3. Stabs

    Ah, the old auction house gouging lament.

    Wonderful word “gouging”. I wonder if I can change my will to require that mourners rent their garments and gouge their flesh at my funeral (or else they won’t get any free sandwiches).

  4. Brian 'Psychochild' Green

    So, is your beef with:
    a) auction houses as a concept,
    b) games that enforce a sense of artificial scarcity,
    c) economies that allow the otherwise idle to gain massive amounts of currency,
    d) economies that allow a high level character to earn a low level character’s daily earnings in about 5 picoseconds,
    e) people who spend time buying stuff up cheap and reselling for stupid amounts of money,
    f) all of the above?

    In only one case is the auction hall itself to blame.

  5. Melmoth Post author

    I must admit, in my mind’s eye the auction houses were populated with their most rampant abusers at the time of destruction.

    Blaming an auction house for its problems would be like blaming a penis for a sexually transmitted disease.

    It’s not just gouging, it’s not just mudflation, it’s not entirely about the voracious avarice and cupidity of people and the weak mechanisms in these games that enable them to exploit the profligacy of others in ways that would make the current state of the world markets blush at its presumption in calling itself a crisis, it’s some combination of it all that is… some dark foreboding that…

    Oooo, world peace! Look everyone, world peace! Let’s all look at the world peace for a moment.

  6. Stabs

    If God didn’t mean for penises to take the blame he wouldn’t have made us think with them.

    My antispam word is clenching. /thread

  7. nugget

    ^_^ Some players in Jade Dynasty. Or is it many players. Anyway, a significant proportion of the player population in Jade Dynasty wants an auction house.

    I do not want an auction house, for reason E) on Psychochild’s list.

    I’m very glad that JD developers pay no attention whatsoever to their playerbase unless it means a direct return into more cash, pronto.

    Because this means the auction house is not going to happen.

    WHEE! Never thought I’d be delighted with dev unconcern before this!

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