Thought for the day.

The scary thing isn’t that Blizzard have opened a micro-transaction store for World of Warcraft; one should consider that event to be as the emotive theme tune is to the shark in Jaws, or a dissonant violin crescendo is to Jason Voorhees.

It’s a warning, but not a guarantee, of the actual horror waiting to strike.

The audience sits gripping the arms of their chairs and each other, or peering through fingers, all the while willing in vain that the innocent band of plucky wallets and purses turn back from the strange path that they are following lest they are caught by the monster that stalks them and have their innards sucked out.

Everyone holds their breath. And waits…

1 thought on “Thought for the day.

  1. Capn John

    It’s coming. If you have a copy of WoW plus every expansion, you’ll soon be able to buy a capped toon of any class. There might be some restrictions, like no buying a PvP toon unless you already have a capped PvP toon, although they probably won’t do that as you can already transfer a capped toon from PvE to PvP. Or they may just require you to get a toon to cap before you can buy a second toon at cap.

    Then will come the RMT purchase of almost top Tier gear, i.e., you’ll be able to buy one rank less than the currently best available PvP and PvE gear.

    Or maybe the RMT purchase of crafting Mats will come first, or RMT purchase of crafting recipes.

    It’s coming. Oh yes, it’s coming. Blizzard didn’t quite lie when they said there was no secret cow level in WoW. We are Blizzard’s secret cash cow level and we don’t even know it…or maybe we’re just in denial ;)

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