Every day is a fresh beginning, Every morn is the world made new.

Dateline Internet, October 2009. A Brigham Young University professor heads a recent study which reports that moral behaviour may be encouraged with nothing more than clean smells.

Elsewhere across the globe: the MMO blogosphere was turned into a barren wasteland earlier today when a new law came into effect mandating that all basements be equipped with air freshening equipment. The resultant ninety percent reduction in ninja looting and generally ‘being a smacktard’ in the World of Warcraft community meant that erstwhile bloggers had nothing to talk about other than the weather and which type of emote would be most correct when used to formally greet a new group member.

More details on the MMO Blogging Drought as we get them.

Reporting live for Oh MMO Emo News, I’m Melmoth Melmothson.

1 thought on “Every day is a fresh beginning, Every morn is the world made new.

  1. Stabs

    Ah, you didn’t see their other article: Cleanliness Makes People Less Severe In Moral Judgments.


    What is actually happening is that after cleaning your Gaming Pit you no longer perceive other players’ behaviour in the same way.

    Running back from the graveyard to the meeting stone you no longer believe you got ganked, you were merely greeted by a player being boisterous. Effectively it’s a physical emote.

    The Warlock who rolled Need on the two-handed sword is not a ninja, he is anticipating making a future “Accounts Services” paid class change.

    Today’s antispam word is greased. It won’t be for long though, now where did I put my lemon Mr Sheen?

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