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As a bunch of MMOs begin ramping up for their whatever-Halloween-is-called-in-that-particular-game celebrations (this season’s must-have undead clearly being The Zombie), I reckon it’s time for one company to be bold and stand out from the crowd with a totally different sort of event. Why is no MMO staging a Windows 7 Launch Party? World of Warcraft could add an NPC called “Steve” who sends you out to kill hundreds of feline mobs in a wintry zone, rewarding you with rare and powerful Windows Cards (a bit like the Darkmoon Faire cards, only with the Microsoft logo and no actual benefits); Dungeons and Dragons Online could re-purpose an early instance so that the swarms of kobolds, instead of attacking you, shout out helpful tips about how to burn a CD in Windows 7 or get it to organise your photo collection. Extra storage is always welcome, why not hand out 20-slot Windows tote bags? It’s a sure fire hit!

2 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. pjharvey

    Uh, every game has had a Win7 launch party already. It’s just that the single balloon meant that no one realised they were in the middle of a party.

  2. Stabs

    “only with the Microsoft logo and no actual benefits”

    So these putatative cards would in these regards be exactly like Windows itself then?


    Today’s anti-spam word is standing. I however am not.

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