It’s spelt ‘Eon’, NCSoft.

I’m not terribly sure as to why you spelt it Aion.

You know, as in “It takes an eon for the game to load, longer than my computer takes to boot” and “It takes an eon to get into the game, if you’re lucky, otherwise it’s sometime around the heat death of the universe”.

Aion Queue 1Aion Queue 2Aion Queue 3Aion Queue 4Aion Queue 5

So that’s the status for each of the five available EU English servers. And yes one of them is “only” half an hour; shame it’s not the one where my character is.

And to all those who have said that this is the smoothest launch they’ve ever seen, of course it bloody well is, nobody can get onto the servers to stress them. I could solve all of the public transport problems in England if I only let ten people on to each bus and then thanked everyone else for their patience while they stand around for two hours to get on to the next one.

To think that NCSoft had the temerity to want to install nProtect GameGuard with their game, as if it’s the players who are the cheap cheating bastards. Talking of cheap bastards, what the hell gives you the right to open a browser up after I close the game down in order to pimp your products?

Cheap and utterly lacking in etiquette.

You know what, at least Aventurine had the decency to not let you buy Darkfall at all in order to keep their numbers down, rather than make you sit around adding up how much of your money you’re spending in order to watch a queue progress very slowly. I could do that at Disneyland, and at least then I’d get the opportunity to punch Donald Duck in the face.

Never mind, give it a year before NCSoft close it all down for no good reason whatsoever, eh?

I might just have reached the point where I’m allowed to log in by then.

10 thoughts on “It’s spelt ‘Eon’, NCSoft.

  1. unwize

    My client just crashed and now the login server seems to be unreachable, as well as the EU website.

    To be somewhat fair, I’ve never seen MMO servers as busy as this. Hundreds and hundreds of players in every zone, and multiple channels per zone. I don’t know how many players each server supports, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is in the tens of thousands.

  2. Brian 'Psychochild' Green

    Man, NCSoft is missing a golden PR opportunity here. They should have the producer saying things like, “We’re happy to see that we have a lot of eager players queuing up for our game like WoW did at launch.”

    On the other hand, it’s still funny how people have complaints now, but how it eventually doesn’t matter. When was the last time you thought about the then-infamous Wow Queue Dance? Somehow, games seem to a recover well from being perhaps a bit too popular.

  3. FraidOfTheLight

    Oh dear, Melmoth :-(

    I can empathise, as appropriately enough, I’m writing this to pass the time while I wait to be able to log in to Aion.

    I’m really impressed by the game so far, but there’s no doubt the queueing situation is far from ideal, and really needs to be sorted.

    (Incidentally, my anti-spam word is “fump”, which, according to the Urban Dictionary, means something quite disturbing:

  4. FraidOfTheLight

    Further to my previous post, I’m now waiting for the privilege of getting into the queue.

    Because there isn’t a queue for entering the queue, it means pressing a button every so often to try again. If you don’t do that, the game eventually exits.

    I think the word is: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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